Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm back and I won't be dropping off the grid again.

To those visiting for the first time, HELLO and WELCOME to my blog!! To those of you who've kept an eye out for me, HI ALL AND THANK YOU!!!

Please forgive my haitus during this season of my life. There's been such a whirlwind of events in the past year that I, at times, can hardly believe it hasn't all been one big dream. First, and most importantly, I married the man of my dreams. YAY! I've also been all but cross-eyed with all it takes to get my oldest prepared for graduation and college. Boy oh boy.

On the professional side, I have an anthology out in print entitled, 'RETURNED', that's been well received. So all in all it's been one heck of a year, and I'm more than ready to see what the next 12 months have in store. :-)

I'm uber excited about RT this year. There are numerous workshops to attend and countless other talented authors here. I'll also be promoting my books and signing my book postcards at the RT E-Book Expo tomorrow afternoon from 4 - 6pm at the Sheraton in Kansas City, Missouri. All who come by my table, will not only have a chance to learn more about my books, as well as what I have in the works, they'll also have a chance to register to win my basket of goodies!

It's going to be great!

Check back soon.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Last week...well from last Tuesday up until yesterday I was in Chicago for the RT convention. The experience was INCREDIBLE! I met so many amazing authors, readers, and people in the business that it was unreal.
Most of the workshops I attended were extremely informative and I know the information I received will help me progress soooo much as a writer.
I'm sending a shout out and a wave (*waving*) to all of the fantastic new friends I made while we exchanged my 'Untamed' bookmarks for their postcards & business cards over those days. Every last one of you were great!!


Now, here's something really cool that happened, at least to me it was just was.

The following occurred last Saturday at the book fair signing.....After flashing my hot pink wristband that ensured I'd get J.R. Ward to sign my copy of Lover Awakened (and a couple others), and receiving said signatures and pictures of the lady herself, I had to make a...ahem, necessary run. As I stepped out of the bathroom, who should I see walking toward me with security in front of and behind her? Yep, J.R. freakin' Ward!  Of course I stopped and gawked, placing someone on hold I'd just called on my cell. So what does J.R. do? She stops right in front of me, smiles, and says, 'HI.' So I say, "Hi! Can I like, have a hug (or something very similar and equally/ridiculously nerdy) and she says, "Of course!" (probably to the chagrin of her security detail). She hugged me like a long lost relative at a family reunion.  I squealed like I'd just won a new car on The Price is Right. LOL!
J.R. Ward is one of my few FAVORITE authors. And not simply because of her BDB series but because of the anti-hero Zsadist in particular. LOVE HIM!

*shaking it off*

I just had to get that out. Whew. Now I'm back and here's my most important bit of personal news. I pitched Rachel's Wolf and Whispered Promises while at RT and will be sending BOTH to interested editors and agents in the next few days!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
I know you guys have been waiting a loooooong time for both novels and I appreciate your support and patience greatly!
As I enter this phase of the process, please keep prayers and positive thoughts lifted about the success of those stories. Goodness knows Trace & Simone and Running Wolf & Rachel have been waiting long enough.

Until next time, faithful friends!

Love and warm wishes

also writing as
Lydia Burton

Monday, March 19, 2012


First off, RT!! WOOOHOOO I'm finally getting to go!! I am all extra geeked out about that.

...and, miracle of miracles I'll be pitching two full length novels that I've been working on off and on for years. I know some of you may have been tempted to give up on me ever finishing them. But don't. Because, God willing, they'll be picked up for publishing at RT and available for purchase this year.

Also, when I go to RT, I'll be pitching both novels under a different pen name. 
Why, you ask? Because my writing has changed a bit.
Historically speaking, when I write my stories, they tend to have a strong (erotic) heat level yet the stories are novellas so the characters connect quickly and what they go through is faster paced.

However, when I write under the other name, the novels are full length and the plots are quite a bit more involved. That's not to say that the heat level is gone. It isn't. But it's toned down a wee bit and when the hero and heroine are together, the scenes would be classified more as sensual than erotic.
I'm letting you guys know so that when you see, WP or RW for sale under a different name, I won't get reported for plagarizing my own work. LOL!

Well, it's back to task for me. I have tons to do before April 11th.  I'll update again as I get a chance.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank you!!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who were such a wonderful source of support to me since the passing of my father. It has been a very challenging couple of months but your thoughts and prayers have kept me encouraged. Bless you all!
I'm on track again and diligently working on another novel (or two). Here's hoping each and every one of you are richly blessed in 2012.  Happy New Year!



Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm so excited to share Kayne and Asia's story with you! 

Pick up your copy at,, and in Kindle format at!
Happy Reading!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm soooo excited! SWORN will be released tomorrow from Whispers (see Then on March 2, 2012, it will be released in PRINT. WOOHOOO!!
Thanks to all of you who've emailed and sent me a shout out on multiply, twitter, and IMRR.  Here's a peak into Kayne and Asia's story....

The cacophony died down until only uneasy quiet
remained. Soft, dim waves of light streamed inside,
creating more shadows than not.
After a moment, Asia pushed back the tangled
mess that was her hair and stood. “Good Lord,” she
whispered, surveying the damage.
Absently smoothing her hands down her skirt,
she stepped over broken coffee mugs, ruined
paperwork, and scattered Rolodex cards. To her
right, a flickering light caught her eye.

Asia crossed the room toward it.
What she found was a
crystalline chunk of hail, nearly twice the size of
her fist, glowing from where it lay wedged under a
desk. Mesmerized, she knelt and extended a hand
to touch it.
The chunk moved.
She snatched her hand back, body tensing. She
swallowed, shook herself. “It didn’t move.” Almost
defiantly she touched the spiky object. It was cold,
very cold yet oddly pliable and definitely
not hail.
So what was it? She’d put both hands around the
object to dislodge it from under the desk, when
light blazed from within. It began to grow and
elongate. It doubled then tripled in size, taking
shape. The desk tilted backward precariously,
unable to contain it.
Asia scrambled to her feet and backed away.
She watched the thing grow a moment then, eyes
wide, bolted for the door. She’d seen enough sci'fi
to know when it was time to run. The door
slammed shut and locked the instant she reached
it, causing her to crash into it. Hot panic closed her
throat, making it impossible for her to even
She clutched the door handle jiggling it
frantically. It wouldn’t budge. “Open, damn it!”
She pounded her fists on the heavy wood, threw
her body against it, pounded some more. “Shit!”
Both the building and the parking lot had been
empty for hours, so there’d be no help coming from
that direction. Still she was tempted to try
screaming…as soon as she was able. She chanced a
glance over her shoulder but could no longer see
the thing pulsing on the floor. She yanked on the
handle again.
A tremendous crash and a brilliant flash of
white stilled her and sent her heart catapulting to
the back of her throat.
“Kai'let turat na, idy'ya dae.”
Asia froze. Her breath came in tiny hitches as
icy tendrils of fear skittered down her spine. Too
frightened to look, too frightened not to, she
stopped thinking and spun around.
This time she screamed.


A man, tall and heavily muscled, stood at the
edge of the shadows sliding loose'fitting pants up
and over his bare hips. He pulled the strings taut,
tied them, then lowered his hands to his sides.
Glittering storm gray eyes regarded her from
behind a thick fall of white blond hair that stopped
at his chest. The man’s golden skin contrasted
sharply with the black scroll tattoo etched into the
right side of his neck.
The way the man stood there just staring at her
frightened Asia far more than the way
he’...formed out of an inanimate chunk of ice

and light.
Not human. Not human.

The words echoed in her mind like a mantra.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of Sworn...

It will be available, October 7th at

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hiya friends and fans! I'm thrilled to report that my novel SWORN is due to be released October 7th! YEAH!!!! It seems that every spare moment I have, I've been writing, editing and writing some more. I LOVE IT!! At this rate who knows what all I'll have ready to be released in the next few months. So keep your prayers lifted and your fingers crossed and as always, thanks for the support.  I love you guys!